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Modern Tiny Living in Kansas City: Dream Homes Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

Four years ago, the B+A Architecture team was delighted to help Chris and Megan to achieve their dream of owning a unique 2-story tiny home. This summer, we checked back in on the KC Tiny House Project to see how it’s developed since our original design. We were stunned by how beautifully the tiny home has developed and how much personality it has taken on! 

Tiny House Design: Live More Simply and More Sustainably

There are over 10,000 tiny homes in the US and the market is set to boom as increasing numbers of buyers try to minimise their environmental footprint. While most of our residential design work relates to multi-family projects, helping a homeowner achieve their dream on such a tiny scale was an absolute joy. 

Affordable, sustainable and on-trend, tiny homes offer a decluttered lifestyle that counters the supersize culture of modern life. From an architectural perspective, they offer the chance to be really creative during the design process with a very limited space. 

An Interview with Chris and Megan about their dream of owing a tiny home

The Challenges of Designing and Building a Tiny House 

Tiny house design is neither quick nor easy. The lengthy process includes dealing with architectural design, zoning, appliances, land acquisition, building permits, heating, water, interior design and more. But every challenge has its solution. With the help of many local sponsors, challenges were overcome and we’re delighted to see the tiny house has developed such fabulous character over the past four years.

Tiny House Floor Plan
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