• Expertise

  • Interior Design


  • Bachelor of Interior Design, CEPT University



Interior Design Intern

Haardikaa, a student from CEPT University in India, specializes in Interior Architecture and Design. Her approach towards design is human centric. “I believe that interior design defines architecture and vice versa because the emptiness of architecture gives opportunity to create experience through the medium of light, color and texture,” she said, “I have just started my journey to explore the qualities of my expertise.”

She believes that nature is a design element and the tool that she takes advantage of in her design approach. “Organic architecture is sustainable architecture that camouflages with the spatial context and provides human adaptation and comfort. Design is a necessity and not a luxury,” said Haardikaa. “Interior environment shapes our body, mind and soul, and therefore, plays an important role in our well being, and as a designer I work to create better spaces for the well being of the society.”