The Bradley and Associates team listened to the unique aspects related to each of our projects. The end products were designed with modern amenities and an excellent floor plan; all within the size limitations of these attached dwellings. Their work enabled us to meet the high demands of the consumers real estate market in our developments in an expeditious manner and with great professionalism.

Brian Carter

Vice President Construction

Price Brothers Construction

Working with you over the last several months has been very enjoyable. It has been an absolute pleasure working with your staff, all of which have contributed to making our project come to life. From the moment we started our project you have been a trusted source and a reliable colleague.


We greatly appreciate the time and effort that b+a architecture has invested in our project. It goes without saying that much of our successes is due to the knowledge your entire team brings to the table. It is very comforting knowing that you will go beyond all measures to make sure the correct approach and decisions are made.


Redeveloping an existing office building to a mixed-use project certainly has its challenges. Yet, with the intellectual knowledge that Mr. Bradley and his team bring to the table our master plan project has had much success. We look forward to completing the first phase of our project which consists of 100+ units. As we move close to phases 2-4, Mr. Bradley will most certainly be our trusted source.

Joshua Kashani

Kartel Capital

We selected them and continue to work with them based on the reputation, their attention to detail, they listen to our idea and explore options to present to us and are very responsive to our demands and request. We often have to provide information to lending institutions, contractors, governing agencies or buyers and they will always go out of their way to provide those materials or information quickly. We have worked with b+a architecture since 2005 and have been very pleased with their service and plan to continue working with them for years to come.

Wayne Reeder

Interstate Underground Warehouse

Every project has its own set of issues that need to be overcome to become successful. Your ability to work with an aging facility, a diversified group of stakeholders including department heads, the Administration, and the Board of Directors is greatly appreciated.


With most “Not for Profit” organizations and older facilities, the needs sometimes can out-weigh the means. Your assistance and creativity in solving some immediate needs such as new windows and new boiler system have helped us save on energy costs as well as avoid costly breakdowns while we are raising funds for the main renovation.


Your patience and ability to listen to the needs of the users while keeping a keen eye on the budget has contributed in what we all hope will be a successful fund raising campaign which will result in a facility that will meet our current and future needs.

Henry “Butch” Dougherty

Past Board President and

Facility Improvement Committee Chair

The team at b+a architecture understand that the building process can be stressful at times. Dennis makes the process enjoyable by involving you in all steps of the process from conceptual design to the final screw. B+A Architecture is always thinking of new creative ways to improve the current urban landscape and design new buildings that meet the clients needs while making an positive impact in terms of look and building efficiency.


Dennis has worked with me on multiple projects. He is always one call away making it easy to solve problems when issues arise. Dennis has a wealth of knowledge of the urban landscape that goes far deeper than creating architectural drawings. There is no longer a question about what architect to use on a project because I know Dennis and the b+a team will deliver every time.

Ben VinZant


Second Nature Design + Build

Dennis Bradley has proven an invaluable collaborator on a number of different levels. The project involves both the major renovation of an existing 11-story structure and the design of two new buildings on a 7-acre parcel of land. Mr. Bradley designed an ingenious master plan for the project and three elegant residential towers that have already earned the development praise and support from city officials, the press, and the community as a whole.


Working within a very restrictive budget, Mr. Bradley has demonstrated leadership, creative problem-solving abilities, and a strong commitment to sustainable practices. He has been involved in every facet of the project - including acting as a liaison with the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority to secure a tax abatement for the first phase of the ambitious development.


In sum, I highly recommend b+a architecture to all prospective developer.

Sharon Edrei

Director of Asset Management

Meecorp Capital Markets, LLC

United Resource Holdings completed our first project with Dennis Bradley and his firm in 2006. Since then he has been the architect of record for all our projects ranging from *850,000 to $25,000,000 which have included assisted living properties, commercial buildings, retail buildings and most recently, three multi-family projects. He has worked with us to define the initial site and building plans through the construction and full compliance stages. I personally found him to be creative, systematic and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to new products or construction techniques.


Dennis has been instrumental in providing for savings on most every project whether by materials choice or recommended contractors and consultants. His firm is currently working on a mixed use project for an infill location and has fulfilled an important role in garnering the appropriate concessions and incentives from the local government.


I am very familiar with a number of Dennis’ staff and have found them to be open and courteous as well as informed and insightful. While we take an active role in the construction management, Dennis remains in regular communication with the superintendent and general contractor and assists in a non-obtrusive manner. I have chosen to work with Dennis on all of my projects as I have found him to be the most ingenious and intuitive individual I have ever been involved within the construction industry. I recommend b+a architecture for any project, large or small.

 John T. Julian

United Resource Holdings, LLC

M R Capital Advisors has worked with Dennis Bradley and b+a architecture for over 15 years. While my company provides the economic incentive analysis and approval procedures, Bradley and his team have always done a very good job of providing the architectural design, planning and building processes. Not only is Dennis and his team at b+a architecture reliable team player, but every project that we have done has been successful. I highly recommend Bradley and b+a architecture.

Robert mayer

M R Capital Advisors



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