• Expertise

  • Multi-Family Housing
    Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Independent Living
    Retrofitting existing buildings for another use
    Energy Efficiency
    Religious Facilities
    Recreational Facilities, Swimming Pools
    Retail, Restaurant
    Commercial, Office
    Child Daycare
    Animal Shelters
    Mixed Use


  • Kansas State University - Master of Architecture



As the principal and founder of B+A Architecture, Dennis oversees every aspect of our work. From assigning projects to reviewing the design, putting his seal on construction drawings, managing all financial aspects of the firm, and marketing our services, Dennis is hands-on through every process. His specialties are architectural design, multi-family, mixed-use, residential, and commercial building projects, architectural design, multi-family, mixed-use, residential, and commercial building projects, and he is well-known for his outside-the-box thinking and problem-solving skills.

A Registered Architect in the State of Missouri since 1977, Dennis is responsible for a multitude of notable structures, including the Auditorium and Alumni Complex at the University of Missouri, Rolla, the Natatorium at Missouri Southern State University, and several projects at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Papago Deck, Park Tunnel, and the 10th Street Bridge in Phoenix, the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Alameda Towers Condominiums, the corporate offices for Utilicorp, and a multitude of commercial and residential buildings throughout Missouri, Louisiana, and beyond.

Dennis founded B+A Architecture in 1995 and continues to build legacy in and around Kansas City. Known for his caring, supportive, considerate, and respectful manner, he has a passion for his work that is reflected in the long-standing relationships he has developed with his clients over the years.

Finding inspiration in art, architecture, theater, film, writing, and performing arts, Dennis has great respect for the artist who can think outside the box and create something new and unique. He cites his greatest influences as Mother Nature, creative design, and the kindness of people, wanting only to create beauty in architecture and to help others realize their dreams.