Langer Residence

Project Info Credits

This home has some very unique features that are only realized from viewing the interior of the home. The Owner, who is an avid vintage car collector, approached us to design a home that would stand out. He also required that the home be energy efficient and that we find a way to garage as many automobiles as possible. In addition the lot is in a flood plain so we had to start out by elevating the lower level 2 feet above the original grade. That established our starting point for a lower level that would be utilized for a showroom for 12 vintage cars and workshop. This space is not visible from the street and is accessed from a drive on the East side of the home. To obtain the clear spans we needed for the garage and to separate this garage level from the main house we utilized hollow core planks and steel frame for the floor system above.  The grade on the exterior was then built up to conceal the garage level creating a large elevated and landscaped front deck above grade at the front of the house. When you enter into the home after passing through an entry foyer you are standing in a three story atrium space with clerestory windows above that are electronically controlled to create a stack effect. The kitchen and interiors of the home are very contemporary, clean and open spaces.  The exterior walls utilize 8" SIPS and the roof has 12" SIPS. The roof panels are segmented and tapered to provide the unique barrel vaulted shape.