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What do Architects do?  It is commonly known among Architectural Professionals that there are general misunderstandings about what Architects actually do.  (The reasons for this are part of a broader topic that must be broached within a different context.)  As a member of the architectural professional community, in a social setting I am sometimes asked “What exactly is it […]
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I read a survey recently that looked at reasons why people do or don’t hire architects when they build a new home. The results were fascinating. It’s estimated that architects design somewhere between 2% and 10% of new homes. That means that 90% to 98% of those building new homes miss out on an immensely valuable service. […]
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Located in the Midwestern United States, Kansas City sits on the border between the states of Kansas and Missouri. Shanghai, situated on China’s central coast, is one of the world’s most important financial centers. Though these cities differ significantly in size and population density, there are notable similarities in terms of architecture and urban development. […]
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The Kansas City Business Journal recently published an op-ed about the affordable housing market crisis in KC. It highlights some new developments that may shift the balance of geared-to-income units from 23 percent to about 15 percent of downtown rentals.  To summarize, it talks about 5000 new market-rate apartments that are either under construction or in the planning stages, […]

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Midtown Plaza Phase 1 is coming along nicely as the renovation is nearing the finish line! Since last year, our design team and construction team have been continuously working to convert the vacant office building into 117 multifamily apartments with modern amenities after a hold up of almost 4 years. This newly renovated multi-family building […]

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